Enterprise mission: to provide environmental quality rubber belt to transfer technological innovation to improve the quality of

The more solid efforts to improve delivery quality, committed to creating high-quality products and services, is committed to building a rich life staff to create a healthy stage.
The more solid the "committed to environmental quality conveyor belt to transfer technological innovation to improve the quality" for the mission, as the carrier tape, science and technology as means to serve our customers, staff achievements, promoting social progress, so that companies, employees in the creation of value process to obtain sustainable power.

Core values: innovation, entrepreneurship, integrity responsible for customer success

Adhere to business mentality, innovation, the more solid to have a strong vitality, and in the fierce competitive environment emerged as the world's best companies. Eliminate waste.
Both for customers, employees or other stakeholders, both for things or people, responsible for the integrity of our eternal pursuit.
The more solid success based on customer satisfaction and success, customer success is our duty.

Business goals: a stable, standardized, efficient, innovative

The healthy development of enterprises without stable production, stable quality and stable workforce; technological innovation, advanced equipment and staff a high degree of unity of thought, affect corporate life.
There is no systematic and standardized management system and daily operating system, enterprises will be difficult to achieve the ultimate goal to maximize its interests, to achieve brand, service, efficiency is maximized. Can only regulate the health, only health, in order to better development.
Normal operation of enterprises need good leadership, need to have a cohesive team need more efficient execution and drive. Inefficient, is equal to suicide.
The development of enterprises we need to constantly create products suited to your needs. Without innovation, we will not sustainable.

Entrepreneurship: perseverance, spirit, collaboration, dedication

Market access requires perseverance of hard work; technological breakthroughs need to climb endless tenacious; staff growth and business expansion, also requires determined effort.
Fall behind, slow progress is bad. The more solid and never complacent, times with customers, and employees and seek common development, to help social harmony and progress.
Independent professional conduct, cooperation and create value. Whether internal or external, more solid opening win with the spirit of integration of various social resources, and the parties work together.
Dedication is responsible, but also a state. To overcome the ego, I go big, go beyond the self. The more solid in the dedication to fulfill the mission and realize value.

Marketing concept: customer-oriented, establishing credibility

Our marketing will always focus on the customer, the system value, comprehensive follow-up; we match customers' needs, it will be sincere to be to their own reality, based on efforts to meet customer needs.

Innovative ideas: from practice to create value

The more solid the concept of practice test will be based on the customer value proposition for enterprise and innovation, quality and innovative to meet customer demand, the only means to help customers grow.

Production concept: professional manufacturing, lean precision

Manufacturing is the cornerstone of the more solid and fundamental, more solid product in development will focus on professional and high quality manufacturing process of upgrading, so as to provide customers with superior products; the same time, the more solid that the quality, cost and efficiency are equally important The company not only committed to product quality improvement, and commitment to product cost and timeliness of delivery, through professional manufacturing, lean precision maximize customer value.

Supply Chain Management: sincere cooperation, collaboration and win-win

The more solid will adhere to the principle of good faith cooperation with various suppliers to common development and progress as the goal, through a full range of communication and coordination to ensure win-win situation.
Customer service philosophy: hard service, professional dedication
Will always focus more solid fundamental understanding of the needs of our customers, to really treat customers, to really carry out service, the company will strive to create professional level of service, training and dedicated service attitude.
The more solid principle of "because he was applying to be fixed pay; integrity of others, sincerity to keep people and businesses to develop" the concept of talent, committed to creating a recognition culture, the courage to challenge the more solid, innovative, high-performance workforce; establish a more solid has its own characteristics, "the introduction, education, employment, to keep people" human resources system.