PU Round belt

PU Round belts and V belts are produced in different compounds.The selection of materials should be based on application requirements.The excellent melting ability of the material enables easy welding in order to obtain endless belts.Not only does this result in simplified mounting but also allows for reduced inventory as it is no longer necessary to store belts of different lengths.


  1. can be welded using heat
  2. high tensile strength
  3. excellent wear and abrasion resistance
  4. resistance to oil,grease,dirt and most chemicals
  5. temperature resistance from-30°C to+80°C(dynamic)
  6. high resilience,low level of belt stretching
  7. high coefficient of friction and therewith excellent non-slip
  8. characteristics even at load variations
  9. silent running,high flexibility
  10. drive and deviation via belt head possible
  11. profiles are weldable among each other provided the same basic material has been used