Industrial Timing Belt

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Type Pitch
Tooth height
Belt thickness
Angle β° Details 
MXL 2.032 0.51 1.14 40 Details
XL 5.080 1.27 2.30 50 Details
L 9.525 1.91 3.60 40 Details
H 12.70 2.29 4.30 40 Details
XH 22.225 6.35 11.20 40 Details
XXH 31.750 9.53 15.70 40 Details
T2.5 2.5 0.7 1.30 40 Details
T5 5 1.20 2.20 40 Details
T10 10 2.50 4.50 40 Details
T20 20 5.00 8.00 40 Details
AT5 5 1.20 2.70 50 Details
AT10 10 2.50 5.00 50 Details
AT20 20 5.00 8.00 50 Details

Arc Teeth Industrial Rubber Timing Belt
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Gear code

Type Pitch
Tooth height
Belt thickness


2M 2 0.75 1.36 Details
3M 3 1.17 2.4 Details
5M 5 2.06 3.8 Details
8M 8 3.36 6.00 Details
14M 14 6.02 10.00 Details
20M 20 8.4 13.20 Details


S2M 2 0.76 1.36 Details
S3M 3 1.14 2.20 Details
S4.5M 4.5 1.71 2.81 Details
S5M 5 1.91 3.4 Details
S8M 8 3.05 5.3 Details
S14M 14 5.3 10.2 Details


2M 2 0.76 1.36 Details
3M 3 1.15 1.9 Details
5M 5 1.95 3.5 Details
8M 8 3.2 5.5 Details
14M 14 6.00 10 Details





Industrial synchronous belt use raw materials: high-quality Japanese imports of neoprene as the main raw materials, distribution of the supplies, a variety of different uses; skeleton materials for the Japanese import quality glass fiber cord; tooth surface with nylon 66 high elastic fabrics do protection. With dynamic flexor around good, good anti-cracking properties, ozone excellent performance, anti-aging, heat resistance, oil resistance, abrasion-resistant characteristics.

Industrial synchronous belt features: 

With synchronous belt drive is the use of tooth and tooth meshing with the impetus to pass a new type of transmission mode. With accurate synchronous transmission function, do not need lubrication and no slip, no pollution, less noise, transmission efficiency of 0.98, the speed ratio range up to 1:10, allowing wire speed up to 50 m / s, the transmission rate from several hundred watts to the hundreds of kilowatts, suitable for multi-axis drive. 

Neoprene synchronous belt widely used in the textile, automobile, chemical fiber, tobacco, paper, printing, chemical mechanical equipment; In recent years, mining and metallurgy, iron and steel machinery, medical equipment demand is growing. 

Double-tooth and tooth pitch synchronous belt of single tooth synchronous belt and the same. If the arrangement with the teeth and separable:
DA-type (with a symmetrical arrangement tooth, see figure a; DB-type (with staggered teeth were arranged location, see Figure b)

T-synchronous belt drive system in exactly the same, he can improve the efficiency of the engine so that the engine can be smooth and quiet operation, more capable. 

When attention to the purchase of industrial products synchronous belt surface clean, no twisted belt, filled with teeth. 

Industrial synchronous belt use Note: 

Synchronous belt products need no twists and turns to avoid injury skeleton material impact belt strength. 

Scratch synchronous belt products need no belt, belt early so as to avoid damage. 

Synchronous belt products to avoid chemicals (especially the strong oxidizing acid, such as concentrated sulfuric acid, etc.) contact. 

Synchronous belt and oil products to avoid, long-term exposure to water. 
Replacement synchronous belt, the belt tension to be reduced to a minimum, can be taken out, no-synchronous belt high tension in the circumstances, the use of non-professional tools rigid prized down.
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